Entrevista a The Niceguys ( por Doctor J.C )

Como dije la semana pasada, quiero darle un respiro al blog y no saturarlo día tras día. Podeis seguirme en twitter para seguir oliendo la mierda mas fresca.
Y que mejor que una entrevista a The Niceguys para empezar con este cambio de aires.

Este cuarteto de Houston supuso para mi una de las sorpresas musicales de 2010, su album "The Show" fue un soplo de aire fresco, un trabajo de calidad que entró en mi top 20 del año y que además soltaron en descarga gratuita.

Por supuesto que no la he traducido, lo considero innecesario, y además paso, asi queda más auténtico.

1. For those who don’t know who The Niceguys are , can you introduced
yourselves one by one?

Free: I'm Free, one of the producers for The Niceguys

Yves Saint: The Niceguys are comprised of Candlestick, Free, Christolph, and me, Yves Saint

2. Is there any story behind the group’s name? Why did you choose it?

Free: Well….back in like early 2007 Yves used to do this funny adlib where he said “Nice” all the time in our songs, it was like some joke from South Park. Around that time someone asked, “if you guys were a group, what would your name be?” The Niceguys
was the first thing that came to my mind, so I said it. Ever since then it just kind of stuck, so we ran with it.

Yves Saint: The name was an accident of sorts that stuck after someone outside the group heard it. It came from Yves adlibbing a song with "nice" over and over again and from then it was history.

3. How did you meet each other?

Free: We all met at the University of Houston in 2006, through mutual

Yves Saint: We all met at U of H through mutual friends. We all knew the same people.

4. The first time I listened to “The Show”, one thing that stood out was that
kind of jam session vibe, live instrumentation, drums…did you use
samples ,you really play some instruments, or do you have someone playing
for the band?

Free: We did a little bit of everything, we have live sounds on the album, piano, guitar, fender Rhodes, etc. but for this album we did sample a lot as well, we like to incorporate samples and live sounds.

Yves Saint: There were samples AND live instruments on the album. The feel you got is exactly what we wanted you to feel. Mission accomplished. James Kelley, Nicholas Greer and, and Tony (Montana) Zorrilla did the live instruments.

5. Since this is your first album, let’s talk about the creative process and
the recording sessions, what was your main purpose and motivation?

Free: Our main purpose was to make an incredible project, we wanted to create something that felt like a show, something unique timeless that all lovers of great music could appreciate. We were self motivated, it was our own energy, dedication and team
work that pushed throughout the making of this album.

Yves Saint: The main purpose is to translate the idea and mood we are going for to the mixing board. Yves has this idea that the mind is perfectly beautiful. It's when transferring it to others or trying to communicate do we lose it's beauty. So the idea is to either get it there in one piece of improve upon it by the time we record. the sessions are laid back yet very serious at the same time. It's perfect.

6. Is there any funny/weird story you would like to tell?

Free: We drank about 40 something bottles of Jack Daniels during the process of the album, as well as thousands of shiner bock beers, and dominos pizzas. Im sure our livers are in terrible shape..haha

Yves Saint: Well, the story isn't much without the picture. I think you guys need to see the picture.

8. As kids what kind of music did you grow up listening to, what do you
listen to now and how has that influenced the material you release? I can see
a lot of pop/rock influence..

Free: I grew up on lots of reggae(Jimmy Cliff, Bob Marley, Bunny Wailer, Peter Tosh and etc). I also grew up on Soul Music and African music as well, with splashes of hip hop here and there, but I didn’t really get into discover hip hop for myself until I was
about 12 or 13. The things I listen to now for musical inspiration are of course hip hop….and prog Rock, jazz, blues, lots of soul music, and some alternative here and there.

Yves Saint: I listened to a lot more music when I was younger. LOTS of dancehall, alternative, hip hop and classical/baroque music. As I have gotten older I listen to way less. Now it's really everything but the hip hop though the other three are still in relatively small doses. You are never sure how you are influenced until you come with an idea from personal inspiration that surprises you sonically. I surprise myself sometimes with the stuff I come up with because I never knew that a lot of it was inside of me to begin with. I'm a fairly new musician and it's fun to still be lerning about myself.

9. How has been the critic reception?

Free: Pretty good, it was well received from the reviews I’ve read, but I don’t really pay too much attention to that, its good to read what the journalists are saying, but what we think and what our supporters think is what matters the most to me.

Yves Saint: The critical reception has been very good I feel. People still listen like it's the first time and there comments get better and better. The Show has great replay value. It was a seed. It's growing.

10. Are you touring? What are the next dates? Are you planning to perform
in Europe?

Free: Not touring at the moment, we have a date coming up this Thursday, we also have some dates for superbowl weekend, and of course we have sxsw coming in March as well, and a bunch of other dates coming soon as well. Europe has been discussed,
hopefully we can get out there pretty soon, ive heard nothing but good things about their appreciation for hip hop and just for good music in general, so im looking forward to getting out there.

Yves Saint: Performing in Europe is definitely in the plans.

11. What can we expect of your live show?

Free: You can expect a great time, you can expect to see us have a blast on stage, perform our hearts out, and give you the best show we can possibly give.

Yves Saint: You can expect to probably get way more than you payed for. We give energy relentlessly. Imagine there is one person in the audience who spent their last 20 dollars to come see you perform. When you put that into perspective you see clearly what your job is.

12. What are your thoughts about the state of the hip hop scene and the
music industry?

Free: I think its great, music isn’t making money the way most people were used to for so long, but its still making money. The artists just have to work a little bit more, and I think its great. The most successful guys in the game right now are the hardest workers, and were no strangers to hard work, 10, 000 hours is our motto, so were definitely not complaining about how the game is right now. Everyone has to earn their keep, you don’t work, you don’t eat, and labels aint doin shit but kidnapping careers so their no longer the artists savior as they once were. I think it makes for a more competitive atmosphere among artists. Its fun

Yves Saint: The hip hop industry is fine. People need to get more creative and accept that change is upon us. Record sales are low. There is more than one way to skin a cat though and we need to adapt. It's natural selection all over again. There will always be complainants and there will be those who "do" no matter what. I don't see a problem. Just opportunity.

13. Tell us your top 10 albums of 2010.

Free: In no order: Kanye “My beautiful dark twisted fantasy,” John Legend and The Roots “Wake Up,” The Roots “How I Got Over,” John Mayer “Battle Studies,” N.E.R.D. “Nothing,” Kid Cudi “Man on the Moon 2,” Freeway and Jake One “The Stimulus Package,” Erykah Badu “New Amerykah pt.2,” Janelle Monae “The ArchAndroid” and of course THE NICEGUYS – “THE SHOW” I don’t know how many that is…..but there ya go.

14. What’s the first album you ever bought?

Free: N.E.R.D. “In search of”….then Common “Like Water for
Chocolate” shortly after

15. Your #1 album OF ALL TIME.

Free: Too many to name, but Like Water for Chocolate, Fantastic Vol.2, Darkside of the moon are all up there

16. Your #1 MC / Producer OF ALL TIME.

Free: Favorite MC is Common, and favorite producers are Jay Dee, Pete Rock, DJ Premier, Herbie Hancock, Stevie Wonder and The Neptunes.

17. What’s your favourite tv show & movie?

Free: Favorite tv show is Entourage, favorite movie is Heat, and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Yves Saint: My favorite TV show would have to be Entourage and my favorite movie is too difficult to name.

18. A role model.

Free: Don’t really have any, but there a lot of people that I look up to.

Yves Saint: Jason Payne is one of my newer ones but I have many.

19. As “underground” artists, are you totally focused in music? Are you done
in College?

Free: Totally focused on music, dropped out of school recently, plan to go back someday, but for its strictly about the music.

Yves Saint: Yeah we are totally focused on music but, I do have plans to go back and finish what I started.

20. What would you say to all the rap artists trying to success?

Free: The way to achieve success is to work hard, be dedicated to your craft, have a strong belief in God, and have great people in your circle that motivate you, push you, love you, but are hard on you when they need to be.

Yves Saint: The only thing I would say is don't lie to yourself. There is much to learn and an informed decision ay not be able to be made from the start. gather and apply info and be truthful with yourself along the way.

21. What are your looking for in the next years?

Free: The fruits of our labor!

Yves Saint: Complete independence, more beautiful music and a hopefully a boatload of money to go along with it.

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freshman dijo...

muy muy buena la entrevista.
su disco tambien me gustó mucho, le puso banda sonora a mi verano.
ya te sigo en twitter, espero que sigas poniendo material de calidad como siempre!

una entrevista a un MC o grupo más gordo tendría mas repercusión, seria interesante alguien como jcole, curren$y, fashawn..
un saludo!

Doctor J.C™ dijo...

gracias, tengo algunas mas pendientes..un saludo.

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