Blu & Exile - Seasons (Video)

Azulito acaba de hacerse una cuenta en vimeo y está soltando cosas curiosas.
Es su momento, NoYork se acerca.
Esto pertenece a la proxima mixtape de Exile.

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doom dijo...

gracias por poner estos videos de blu, noyork va a ser uno de los mejores discos del año que viene.
para cuando sale? sabes algo?

Doctor J.C™ dijo...

ni idea, dicen q para el 1º cuatrimestre de 2011 pero tu sabes como son con esto de las fechas, los retrasos y tal.
aqui dejo la letra del tema, una joya:

Can I-Can I tell you the story?

No guts, no glory

self explanatory

Can we transform? Revelations born from the madness
ashes to ashes, no more classics
rap has become so pornographic
life has become something never imagined
passions pass, new feelings emerge
emotions flying in the sky with birds
Where's hope when we need?
Quotes they repeat get us higher than the dope we chief
Where's focus, when folks just retreat to the solace?
Black whole moguls, followin' dem
role models in bottles of belief, keep swallowin'
drowning in the shallow end deep
told we can climb mountains of belief. Where's peace when you need it?
visions of the meek in the jungle in the humble
as a sheep make you wonder why you speak when you spoken to
feel something holding you back, you wanna throw the truth!
But lies fly, it's like times used to wonder what makes the wise wise
had to visualize 'n' surprise, nothing that they eyes have never seen.
(Hold up, is this a dream?)
Some blacked out after the last bout
I hatched out all of my issues and pulled a mag out
crashed through the glass house, some took the back route
I had to travel light speed to dodge that black cloud
raining on my parade, sun shining but it ain't enough to shade to hide
the game blind, got plays till the game's in too many charades
mass glisten this masquerade, came conquer that never saw
raising hell hoping heaven falls
took a L, but I never lost
stepping off the axis, balancing the galaxy
realizing facts are hidden behind reality
casually I dress while addressing her majesty
flirting passively, the other palaces surrounded me once
crowned king humbled down to the queen, gave my kingdom up
became a mortal man, walking Earth, seeking love
Whoa is me, but still believe openly
speaking in-deviant in this song form of poetry
took leadership race sales jus to coast the sea
obedient, never will, what was known to be me
got free, now they broken ya dreams
with a gold chain, pin striped suit, and a code name
sweater under leather tryna tell her it's a cold game
that don't mean it won't change (it's the seasons)

doom dijo...


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