Kanye West - Can't Tell Me Nothing (Mixtape) (2007)


Mítica mixtape que incluye a gente de su sello G.O.O.D MUSIC, y que sirvió de preludio a Graduation, con un snippet de Stronger que creo un hype descomunal.

1. friday morning intro
2. stronger (snippet)
3. crs (lupe fiasco, kanye west, and pharrell)- us placers
4. i ain't even on yet
5. can't tell me nothin'
6. southside (snippet)
7. the game
8. porno (interlude)
9. stay up (snippet)
10. in the mood
11. c.o.l.o.u.r.s
12. pro-nails
13. young folks
14. interviews (interlude)
15. the people
16. getcha some
17. consequence
18. sa-ra-white (on the floor)
19. because of you remix
20. buy you a drink remix
21. throw some d's (interlude)
22. throw some d's remix
23. dreaming of your love
24. magnetic power
25. hater family

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