The Roots - Sandwiches (Compilado temas y rarezas)

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Questlove was feeling the holiday spirit this weekend as he shared some presents to the world by offering up some “Sandwiches” from LNJF. These are those awesome little jams you hear The Roots crew play as the show heads into and out from commercial breaks. Apparently they have now reached a milestone by writing 1,000 of these songs, all within the past 9 months. Its crazy to think that they can write these jams in no time and makes you really anticipate what they are saving for their upcoming release, How I Got Over, which is slated to be released in February. Here’s 22 sandwiches, straight from the afro himself, which I compiled into a nice little EP.

Questlove ha decidido regalarnos este compilado de 22 temas instrumentales que son los que tocan en el show de Jimmy Fallon.
Se sale, de descarga obligada y que sirve de anticipo para hacernos una idea de como va a sonar su próximo disco.
How I Got Over sale en Febrero.


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