La semana de Kid Cudi

Kid Cudi se ha estado recorriendo los states estas últimas semanas para promocionar su álbum debut MAN ON THE MOON: THE END OF DAY,que salía el día 15 de Septiembre.
Además ha sido nominado para 5 Hip Hop Awards: Best Rookie(Mejor nuevo artista), Best Hip-Hop Style(mejor estilo), Viewers Choice(favorito del público) y Mejor tema y video del año por Day 'N' Nite.
Y en la 1ª semana el disco ha vendido 104.419 copias, colocándose en el puesto #4 detrás de Muse, Whitney Houston y Jay-Z.
Un comienzo bastante bueno.

Aquí os dejo las actuaciones que ha realizado en TV, además de entrevistas y artículos que han salido en la prensa.

@BET Rising Icons

@106 & Park

@Jimmy Kimmel Show

Interview@ Good Morning New York

@LIFEBEAT Benefit Concert

Kid Cudi Performs At Pepsi/LIFEbeat's Pre VMA Benefit Concert from the.LIFE Files on Vimeo.

Entrevista con Timeout New York

Artículo en Rolling Stone

HipHopDx – 4/5
His knack for creating records that are relatable, organic, and melodically sound is something few artists can claim. Accept no imitations; Kid Cudi is the real deal.

People Magazine – 4/4
Kid Cudi makes one of the most ambitious Hip Hop debuts since College Dropout

411 Mania – 9.5/10
He crafts songs that are relatable without being overly ‘conscious’ and blends his singing and rapping together quite nicely. It’s an excellent album that is yet another one that will make many Year End lists, definitely recommended.

Entertainment Weekly – A-
Cudi turns out to be that rarest of rap phenomena: a hyped upstart who really does represent a promising new phase in the genre’s evolution

All Music – 4/5
The chilly, complicated Man on the Moon perfects the futuristic bleak-beat hip-hop Kanye purposed a year earlier, and rewards the listener with every tripped-out return.

So how does it sound? Brilliant, in a word. Man on the Moon is split into five acts and is basically a concept album about Cudi’s life
"Man on the Moon: The End of Day,’’ his long-awaited debut album, is a lot of things. It’s spacey, adventurous, and ridiculously intriguing if only because it’s so different.

New York Times
KID CUDI Most everything on Kid Cudi’s debut album, “Man on the Moon: The End of Day,” sounds like an experiment. Dub, new wave, electro, house: they’re all here, and, impressively, this Kanye West protégé knows what to do with them. Unlike the boss man, though, he’s often a more charming singer than rapper. Tuesday. G.O.O.D. Music/ Universal Motown.

USA Today - 4/4
One of the year's most acclaimed albums. Cudi's mold-breaking gem results from his fertile imagination and the talent to share his vision. His musings on loneliness, apathy, alienation and anxiety are delivered over creepy grooves and shifting tempos. Cudi takes us through emotional ess curves with biting lyrics that border on despair but offer light at the end of the tunnel.

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